CuidaDão ~ caring for nature in the Dão valley.

The Dão river flows through our home. We hear it, see it, smell it and in the summer we swim in it. Soon after we started living here it became clear that even with the old paper factory upstream not dumping glue anymore, as was the case until 2005, the river is still far from clean. We see and smell the proof of many different kinds of discharges into the Dão. From soap to sewage.
I could not let this ‘pass me by’ and decided to find out what kind of action I could take to address this issue. Guided by the ProjetoRios Methodology I invited neighbors and friends to form a group to monitor the river and organize activities to raise awareness about the environmental issues facing the Dão river and valley.

A few examples of the activities I organized in the context of the CuidaDão project:
Riverside cleanings with the local community.
Artistic workshop during Naturafest in Alcafache to raise awareness about the ecological, cultural and social value of the river.
Film screenings and talks at the cultural collective Carmo81 in Viseu.

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